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Recommendations for visit Barcelona

Recommendations for Barcelona

Palau de la Música

This fantastic Concert Hall was built in 1908 as the headquarters of the Choral Society Orfeó Català by Montaner, one of the most important architects of modernism. This masterpiece of Art Nouveau Barcelona was classified as a world heritage site. And it is easy to see why when you see inside and out. Outside, the facade of the Palau de la Música Catalana is impressive, especially if left in the light of the day admire the columns and busts of Bach, Palestrina, Beethoven and Wagner covered mosaic. In the corner of this icon of Barcelona, there is a column that runs an Arabic Tower, symbolizing a song popular Catalan. On the roof a Summit similar to the mosques, with the flag there are Catalan and the coat of arms of San Jorge (the patron saint of Barcelona). If you are interested in tourist guides in Barcelona I recommend the website of Tours 10.

Inside, there are decorative flowers everywhere. At the entrance, roses, lilies and other flowers climbing the pillars and across the ceiling and stained glass windows. However, the concert hall is absolutely crazy! Light and colour are impressive. Not stained blue glass around the body and figures of muses with Mosaic and Terra cotta head body. The side of the stage there are sculptures that represent the music of Barcelona popular taste.

To the right is the bust of Beethoven and the Valkyries of Wagner; on the left, a traditional tree puts his shade Catalan composer Anselm Clacve.

-Guided 50-minute tours are the only way to visit the interior

-Time - all the days 10-15.30 h; August and Easter 10-18 h

-Price - 12 euro adults; 10 euros students, retirees and groups of the EU;9 euros for groups of students or pensioners

Tickets for the guided tour or to listen to choral, Chamber, symphonic and classical music at the box office of the shows. To take one of Barcelona recalls the theme of this House of games, go to the store on the left, in another building. The facade of the Palau de la Música Catalana street there are some interesting shops, as I see you will see (products and crafts Mexican) or coffee Saudi.

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Illa de la Discordia

On the Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona's famous Avenue, is the Illa de la Discordia. This block is three of Barcelona's most famous modernist architectural compositions, made by rival architects who produce completely different works in style. Casa Lleó Morera - Barcelona magnate who gave the name to the House, which is in a corner, ordered the renovation of an old building to architect Montaner, who would finish the work in the year 1905. Its imposing facade you can admire fine sculptures in stone, original windows and a tower, but the interior of this important modernist work in Barcelona is not open to the public. Casa Amatller was built in 1900 by Cadafalch, this House, its windows have the shape of the letter A, the initials of its owner, Antoni Amatller.

The upper part of the façade is the staircase, Dutch-style or flamenco, decorated with motifs of ceramic colours that will immediately recall the Blaugrana in Barcelona (blue and Burgundy).

There are Gothic gargoyles, twisted columns and carved shields details. There are also sculptures of animals and a St. George Slaying one dragon, another emblematic representation of Barcelona.

-Guided tours to visit the interior need a reservation

-Hours of operation - Tuesday-Sunday 17 h, 12 h Wednesday

-Price - 10 euros (includes a tasting of Chocolate Amatller)