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Clash of Clans: check out tips to get right in the game for Android and iOS

Clans of clash is one of the most important games of the Decade and safe well will serve as influence for many games.

Clash of Clans is one of the most addictive strategy games of the moment. Available only for Android andiOS, the game puts players to test their villages and if they face in incredible battles. However, for the novice player, the game can get old after a few matches. That is why we are with tips to keep your village always active, check out.

Tips to have a promising village in Clash of Clans. Has two constructors working on different schemes. This is a basic tip, start the game and after the first drafts to the goblins, build the cabin the second constructor. The ideal is to make a builder working on tasks that take more than two hours and another into smaller tasks. So, you can “fill” your village with buildings more quickly. Use a constructor to build and another to improve the existing constructions.

It’s an important tip to keep two constructors in different work schemes. Thus, the player manages to complete the basic buildings quickly, while the other constructor works in improve what already exists.Don’t follow the missions in orderSeems illogical, but in Clash of Clans, the game suggests missions that reward enough, but it takes up to a week to complete, as is the case of “village centre” at level 5. That mission beyond the “village centre”, the player will have to evolve the warehouses of elixir and gold until the level 5.Get stuck the missions is a strategic error. Rather than following the Playbook of the missions, will be better following looting and building, without worrying about the missions, because the rewards will emerge as the player progresses in the game.Despite the surrender missions gems, they are not something that the player needs to worry about at the beginning of Clash of Clans.Be patient and do not use the egg yolks to speed up processes.

It is very important not to use the gems to accelerate the completion of some works. Although the game demonstrate that at first, you should keep the gems to use them in the future. It’s very hard to get new gems and game missions offer a very low amount of them.Save the yolks for daily shields. Gems can be used in the future to provide daily shields. Something ideal for when you’re suffering from constant attacks from other players. With the shield, you stay protected and can evolve their defenses in order to surprise the attackers.Not just a gold mine or elixir collector. At the beginning of the gambling of Clash of Clans, it is important to acquire resources as soon as possible.In the first few minutes, the easiest way is stealing from the goblins, using the option attack. But after fifth stage when things start to get complicated and the basic units begin to have a high mortality rate.Don’t be shy, build many warehouses and goldfields. It is therefore essential to offset this difficulty with collectors of elixir and goldfields extras. The ideal is to have two or even three of each. Similarly, build more storage of gold and elixir. Have large amounts of these resources is very important to evolve the buildings and his troops.

Just out of curiosity, the barbarians, the cheapest Warrior class, needs 50,000 points of elixir to evolve.Defenses at mostFrom level two of the “village centre”, the player is able to receive attacks from other players. When his village is attacked all units suffer damage that will depend on the level of the attacker. In this respect, Clash of Clans is a good game, because even without defenses, their structures will not be completely destroyed.There is no attack without a good defense in Clash of Clans .However, in order not to risk losing a lot of gold and elixir, you must build the greatest amount of cannons, towers and pumps that can. Unfortunately, with the “village centre” at level two or three, the Player cannot build many walls. To avoid damage, build the walls around the most important units are the units of resource production.If possible, put walls around the defensive units such as cannons and towers with archers and mages.They are small, but the set of walls with attack units provide a good defense that will cause extra damage on the attackers.Make friends and not enemies. Do not insist on attacking other players trying to steal gold and elixir. These items exist in large quantities in Clash of Clans, leaving players to have patience. In Clash of Clans there is the option of revenge, where you stay marked by the player who can take revenge and repeat the attack against you. In this style of “war of attrition” both come out losing.Keep attacking other players may result in retaliation in a row. The ideal is to act peacefully, fulfilling only phases with Goblins and using the resource extractors to go building your village. Save your anger for the wars between clans, where inevitably you will clash against other players and will be required to have allies in order to win these wars.


Gems in this game are so important that it is obvious that we want them to get better.