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Monster legends a very addictive game

If you are one of those who have fanatizado with the great Dragon City, is time for you to try something new, which follows the same line and promises to be the new sensation in online games. The experience you've gained as caretaker of dragons, will serve you much, but now you will have to learn new, with other creatures.

Monster Legends is a game where your main mission will be to breed monsters. You can combine them together to create new species, cross them and feed them to make them ever stronger. You can also visit all the Islands on the map, be part of incredible fights monsters, where your monsters can also participate provided they are fit and strong for the bloody fighting.

Captures and Tames a powerful beast that fight with you in battles. There are more than 100 monsters unique to waiting for you in this free-to-play game for mobile devices. Join them together to create amazing unique creatures...

The concept is simple but very addictive: human beings have always kept their pets as companions. Dogs have been bred and trained tens of thousands of years. The Egyptians had cats and dogs, and even the Baroque nobility had peacocks in the gardens. This fascination with animals have never has been, the more exotic sea, better. The gaming industry has made good use of this concept. Games such as Digimon Masters and Skylanders Battlegrounds let you capture or take your own creatures, so train them to fight a battle.

Monster Legends, you will find more than 100 unique monsters and new beasts to discover every week. All creatures belong to a specific type that provides them with certain skills and advantages on the battlefield. You heard right, in this mobile game, you fight against other monsters masters in intense PvP battles. In this action game, you'll find fighting 3 against 3 requiring a good tactical thinking, as well as an effective combat strategy. Take the right decisions to exit winning, only then you will be able to reach the top of the ranking's classification. Here you can find all the legendary combinations of monster legends.

Naturally, you will want to have unique monsters that can give you a clear advantage in the battle. Across different types of monsters together to see what kind of hybrid Monster will come out. Monster Legends constantly adds new monsters so that you can raise, capture and train. Have fun in this style of RPG, get experience points and level up your monsters.

This mobile game features a mode adventure and an Arena in which you can test your skills, your attack strategy and your endurance. You look carefully what your monsters are capable of doing. Be sure to protect yourself from the attacks of opponents and stealing its resources when it is the right time. Download Monster Legends in iTunes or Google Play Store for free, capture and breeding a variety of monsters and legends.