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Information of Monster Legends

The following are questions and answers for those who are new to the game. Remember that the game is in real time, while they are not in-game time is passing. Monster Legends is a game Facebook created by Social Point and launched on 9 may 2013.todavia is in development, i.e., in its alpha version. The game aims to raise monsters, combine them together to obtain more and better monsters, and make them stronger. With them you can fight against other players in the arena or visit the ten islands of adventure map.
It is the main currency of the game. You need to buy the majority of buildings, decorations, items, habitats (some improvements cost food) and the common monsters. Can be obtained in several ways: in the habitats, selling objects or monsters, in the daily bonus reward on Monday, completing quests or achievements, cleaning the Islands, winning in the sand, etc. Necessary to feed the monsters and improve some habitats, food is obtained mainly cultivated in farms. Are other ways to get it: cleaning the Islands, completing quests, gaining on the sand, gifts from friends, etc. The special game currency. It may be used for: speed mating, incubation and constructions; buy hybrid monsters (whether they are uncommon, rare or epic), buy gold or food, improve the Tower Aerie, buy more worker's hut and items, premium, etc. They can be cleaning the Islands, up in level, completing achievements and some missions, in the daily bonus and reward on Monday, and of course, buying them. Check this link to recieve more information about hacks for Monster Legends.
Experience points are the only way to level up in the game. You get experience points to build or improve buildings, get monsters, cultivate, complete missions and achievements and get a star on the adventure map levels. In the market you can get food or gold extra with the help of your friends. These are the houses of the workers. You can download this app entering on Google play. For each one you purchase, you get a new worker, which are needed to build or improve buildings and habitats and also to eliminate the obstacles to the Islands. Here is where the monsters they mate to produce eggs that are then incubated in the Tower Aerie. You can only have one, but you can buy the Super breeding tree if you want to make two combinations at the same time. It is the second area of dragons mating (the first is breeding mountain). This building is obtained by starting to play. Here are incubated the eggs of monsters, which can then be sold or placed in a Habitat of the corresponding element with at least one free space. Originally it has space for an egg, but it can be improved to accommodate more.