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Clash of Clans and the gems

Many times we passed in type games to Clash of Clans, who us loopholes remain undiscovered, not exploited to the maximum. That is never more reviewing a series of tips and tricks that will help us in the development of the game, diferencianos of the other players and can get more gems.


It is a fact that when we are out, or we are no shield, they are going to attack, if or if. When you review the list of whom you have attacked, there is the option of revenge. So you can see the village of your enemy before attacking and plan an attack well organized and thought. My recommendation is to observe its stores, check their levels, and find the location of your Town Hall. Surely and more if you've been out long enough, you will see a very long list of people who you attacked, the first thing you should see are farmers since they are likely to have large reserves of resources. If an enemy of yours is connected or has shield, be patient and comes back for it later. Do not think your barracks is just to train troops, not... You can queue a number of troops and when you have the tail of troops waiting, the elixir you need to train them is say that quietly. You can put the barracks to fill them in tail leaving the elixir used safe from your enemies. When you return to the single people will have to cancel the creation of troops and recover it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! To achieve 3 stars, it is known by all that we will gain 450 gems in the Sweet victory achievement. With the Town Hall on level 6, you can search for other towns that have town halls outside, if you destroy them you make sure a star and several trophies.Check freegiftcardsgumsup.com for information about how to earn pay pal money.


One of the factors most important to steal a rival the largest number of possible resources is the level of the Town Hall. If your opponent is at your level or 1 level above or below, you get a modifier of 100% of what they can steal. However, if your opponent is 2 levels above get a 125% modifier, and if 3 levels above get a 150% modifier. On the other hand, that same opponent gets a modifier-50% and 25% (respectively) for any attempt at revenge. It can be frustrating when in the midst of an assault, we have to stop for a few minutes and again.we have attacked based on well and our hero is battered. You can download Clash of Clans form google play. Well, this is solution; At the pedestal of the hero is a central button that controls if the Hero is asleep or on guard, if click on save, the defend the people when you aren't connected, if you instead select the option of sleeping hero, will keep you safe from attacks. The game is basically to intimidate people smaller than you, and after a climb you will find that competition Gets a bit hard to your liking. So you may want to lose on purpose. If you are lucky enough to have acquired one or both heroes, you can use them to get trophies for free. Start a battle, release your hero, and then ends the battle before you have any damage. After the fight, you can drop a couple of drinks, the hero will be ready to do it again and will cost you nothing!