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Monster legends a very addictive game

If you are one of those who have fanatizado with the great Dragon City, is time for you to try something new, which follows the same line and promises to be the new sensation in online games. The experience you've gained as caretaker of dragons, will serve you much, but now you will have to learn new, with other creatures.

Monster Legends is a game where your main mission will be to breed monsters. You can combine them together to create new species, cross them and feed them to make them ever stronger. You can also visit all the Islands on the map, be part of incredible fights monsters, where your monsters can also participate provided they are fit and strong for the bloody fighting.

Captures and Tames a powerful beast that fight with you in battles. There are more than 100 monsters unique to waiting for you in this free-to-play game for mobile devices. Join them together to create amazing unique creatures...

The concept is simple but very addictive: human beings have always kept their pets as companions. Dogs have been bred and trained tens of thousands of years. The Egyptians had cats and dogs, and even the Baroque nobility had peacocks in the gardens. This fascination with animals have never has been, the more exotic sea, better. The gaming industry has made good use of this concept. Games such as Digimon Masters and Skylanders Battlegrounds let you capture or take your own creatures, so train them to fight a battle.

Monster Legends, you will find more than 100 unique monsters and new beasts to discover every week. All creatures belong to a specific type that provides them with certain skills and advantages on the battlefield. You heard right, in this mobile game, you fight against other monsters masters in intense PvP battles. In this action game, you'll find fighting 3 against 3 requiring a good tactical thinking, as well as an effective combat strategy. Take the right decisions to exit winning, only then you will be able to reach the top of the ranking's classification. Here you can find all the legendary combinations of monster legends.

Naturally, you will want to have unique monsters that can give you a clear advantage in the battle. Across different types of monsters together to see what kind of hybrid Monster will come out. Monster Legends constantly adds new monsters so that you can raise, capture and train. Have fun in this style of RPG, get experience points and level up your monsters.

This mobile game features a mode adventure and an Arena in which you can test your skills, your attack strategy and your endurance. You look carefully what your monsters are capable of doing. Be sure to protect yourself from the attacks of opponents and stealing its resources when it is the right time. Download Monster Legends in iTunes or Google Play Store for free, capture and breeding a variety of monsters and legends.

Information of Monster Legends

The following are questions and answers for those who are new to the game. Remember that the game is in real time, while they are not in-game time is passing. Monster Legends is a game Facebook created by Social Point and launched on 9 may 2013.todavia is in development, i.e., in its alpha version. The game aims to raise monsters, combine them together to obtain more and better monsters, and make them stronger. With them you can fight against other players in the arena or visit the ten islands of adventure map.
It is the main currency of the game. You need to buy the majority of buildings, decorations, items, habitats (some improvements cost food) and the common monsters. Can be obtained in several ways: in the habitats, selling objects or monsters, in the daily bonus reward on Monday, completing quests or achievements, cleaning the Islands, winning in the sand, etc. Necessary to feed the monsters and improve some habitats, food is obtained mainly cultivated in farms. Are other ways to get it: cleaning the Islands, completing quests, gaining on the sand, gifts from friends, etc. The special game currency. It may be used for: speed mating, incubation and constructions; buy hybrid monsters (whether they are uncommon, rare or epic), buy gold or food, improve the Tower Aerie, buy more worker's hut and items, premium, etc. They can be cleaning the Islands, up in level, completing achievements and some missions, in the daily bonus and reward on Monday, and of course, buying them. Check this link to recieve more information about hacks for Monster Legends.
Experience points are the only way to level up in the game. You get experience points to build or improve buildings, get monsters, cultivate, complete missions and achievements and get a star on the adventure map levels. In the market you can get food or gold extra with the help of your friends. These are the houses of the workers. You can download this app entering on Google play. For each one you purchase, you get a new worker, which are needed to build or improve buildings and habitats and also to eliminate the obstacles to the Islands. Here is where the monsters they mate to produce eggs that are then incubated in the Tower Aerie. You can only have one, but you can buy the Super breeding tree if you want to make two combinations at the same time. It is the second area of dragons mating (the first is breeding mountain). This building is obtained by starting to play. Here are incubated the eggs of monsters, which can then be sold or placed in a Habitat of the corresponding element with at least one free space. Originally it has space for an egg, but it can be improved to accommodate more.

Free Apps

Payment games and applications are increasingly less frequent due to growing fashion shopping in-app, but still remains the "pay for an application". I may be annoying, but it can be a way to get reputable software. Download these apps free payment or with a hearty discount? There are ways without incurring the illegality.

Applications and payment games are committed to a barrier to entry so then not bother neither the advertising and micropayments. There may be complaints, but, as the developer is who makes the app, also is he who should be the rules for download. Although there are always ways to get this software free of charge or with an offer you can not refuse. Legally, of course. Until apps are put on sale, developers tend to bet on the "test" or proof of their work. In that stage of development does not usually ask a price in Exchange for downloading the user provides his time and effort in Exchange for the app. In addition, many times remains the parallel development of applications beta, extra point to join them. Chek this link to see more ways to get apps without paying.
At the following link you aim all the ways to access applications and games in development. Most of them will be free once are launched, but there will also be a payment software. You will have free and legally. The Amazon Android app store used to give an application or payment free game every day. Even offered collections to 0 euros for special reasons, like Christmas. Everything changed with the arrival of Amazon Underground: through this service you can access lots of games and payment applications without paying a penny. It is 100% legal. And you have software of high quality, as the game Monument ValleyAmazon Underground conditions for apps are simple: you have to use the store, be connected and allow to register your use. Amazon pays the developers based on the minutes that you are playing.
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Clash of Clans and the gems

Many times we passed in type games to Clash of Clans, who us loopholes remain undiscovered, not exploited to the maximum. That is never more reviewing a series of tips and tricks that will help us in the development of the game, diferencianos of the other players and can get more gems.


It is a fact that when we are out, or we are no shield, they are going to attack, if or if. When you review the list of whom you have attacked, there is the option of revenge. So you can see the village of your enemy before attacking and plan an attack well organized and thought. My recommendation is to observe its stores, check their levels, and find the location of your Town Hall. Surely and more if you've been out long enough, you will see a very long list of people who you attacked, the first thing you should see are farmers since they are likely to have large reserves of resources. If an enemy of yours is connected or has shield, be patient and comes back for it later. Do not think your barracks is just to train troops, not... You can queue a number of troops and when you have the tail of troops waiting, the elixir you need to train them is say that quietly. You can put the barracks to fill them in tail leaving the elixir used safe from your enemies. When you return to the single people will have to cancel the creation of troops and recover it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! To achieve 3 stars, it is known by all that we will gain 450 gems in the Sweet victory achievement. With the Town Hall on level 6, you can search for other towns that have town halls outside, if you destroy them you make sure a star and several trophies.Check freegiftcardsgumsup.com for information about how to earn pay pal money.


One of the factors most important to steal a rival the largest number of possible resources is the level of the Town Hall. If your opponent is at your level or 1 level above or below, you get a modifier of 100% of what they can steal. However, if your opponent is 2 levels above get a 125% modifier, and if 3 levels above get a 150% modifier. On the other hand, that same opponent gets a modifier-50% and 25% (respectively) for any attempt at revenge. It can be frustrating when in the midst of an assault, we have to stop for a few minutes and again.we have attacked based on well and our hero is battered. You can download Clash of Clans form google play. Well, this is solution; At the pedestal of the hero is a central button that controls if the Hero is asleep or on guard, if click on save, the defend the people when you aren't connected, if you instead select the option of sleeping hero, will keep you safe from attacks. The game is basically to intimidate people smaller than you, and after a climb you will find that competition Gets a bit hard to your liking. So you may want to lose on purpose. If you are lucky enough to have acquired one or both heroes, you can use them to get trophies for free. Start a battle, release your hero, and then ends the battle before you have any damage. After the fight, you can drop a couple of drinks, the hero will be ready to do it again and will cost you nothing!

Free apps of payment

Code free of charge payment applications Let's be honest, often have paid for an application? And how many you've been wanting to get an application but finished pouring forth to discover that it was a question of payment? To my ever happened multiple times, only that definitely will happen to you. There are many ways to make your code without cost payment applications and lower payment applications without cost for Android and iOS. If you want to know how to get applications for payment at no cost, don't miss what's coming now in Gums Up.

Free payment applications code

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Do not pay any fee for Android applications

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Application to download paid apps for free

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How to make money PayPal

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How to make quick Paypal money

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